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Cute Idea for Halloween – Winnie The Pooh Onesie

Once the popular perception was that onesies were meant for babies, but that notion quickly got discarded when adult onesies were introduced and its popularity took off. But for further clarification, adult onesies are casual, loose jumpsuits which are produced for the big babies. While there are a lot of different styles, the ones modeled after animated shows like stitch (from lilo and stitch) and more are somehow much more alluring. One another such example is that of Winnie the Pooh. You may ask, why should you even bother buying Winnie the Pooh onesie, what really is so special about it instead of the other animal onesies.

If that’s on your mind, then here’s a list of features which will entice you to buy the bear:

  • Materials it is composed of: Winnie the Pooh jumpsuit is composed of a variety of materials, which include chenille, fleece, andknit cotton. So you can buy the type which suits your taste and comfort. Or you can choose the type which is more in tune with the place you live in and the seasons it has.
  • Varied uses: Onesies were mainly intended to be used as sleepwear, but nowadays it is used as everything from partywear to loungewear. It has slowly over time become a style statement and what can be a better style statement than the yellow bear wearing a red top. You will be able to put it on anywhere and no matter what, people will think that it is adorable.
  • Variety of characters: If you don’t want to buy just Winnie by his lonesome and exclude his friends, then there is good news as the supporting cast is there as well. You will be able to purchase tigeronesies, Eeyore onesies, and piglet onesies as well. So if the plan is to go out with the whole gang or if you want to have the whole collection at once then it is possible now.
  • Adorable looks: Let’s admit it, wearing a onesie which is shaped after a yellow bear with small ears sticking up from the head and stubby feet is going to make anyone look puppy cute. It gets better if you pull over the hoodie to complete the look since that’s where the ears are stuck.
  • Usefulness: The hoodie isn’t just there to look cute, it also protects you in case there is rain or if it is cold. The onesie is warm so you can wear it during winters if you are going out for a short trip to the grocery store. It will surely keep you snug and warm.
  • Nostalgia: People who grew up watching Winnie the Pooh will know just how precious the show or even the books were. If you are feeling like it doesn’t really suit you as an adult, then we would recommend going back and watching the series and animated show again to fall in love with the gang which taught people about friendship, kindness, teamwork and more.
pooh bear onesie

pooh bear onesie

Convinced? I am sure you were. So maybe it’s time to get the bear into your home and welcome a childhood friend.